Friday, December 29, 2017

Best of the Archives: The Secret Life of An Inspirational Romance Writer and More...

with Tina Radcliffe.

This post first appeared in Seekerville on 7/30/15. Comments are closed today.

In my ordinary world, no one knows that I'm an inspirational romance writer. 

This week a co-worker asked about my recent absence. I shared that I went to New York City for a conference on my vacation.
"A conference? What kind of conference?"
"Um, I do a little writing on the side."
"Oh, a hobby."
Sigh. "Not exactly a hobby...."

This is a typical reaction to my revealing my secret life. 

Of course, there is the occasional flip-side of that. I have another coworker with whom I have shared that I write inspirational romance. She told me that her mother is a voracious reader. So I brought in a copy of my latest release, (in a brown paper bag, of course) for her mom.

That coworker came by my desk later with tears in her eyes and a stunned expression on her face. 
"I texted the cover of your book to my mom. My mother already read your book. She said it was really good. She wants to read it again."
"Your mom is a fan of mine?"
Those moments are far and few between, but they are absolutely priceless. They make me want to shout!

"I'm an inspirational romance writer! I'M AN INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE WRITER!"

So although I'm not fabulously rich and famous.

And no one recognizes me when I walk down the street.

And though I don't dress in full tiara mode.

Or sit in on a mountaintop waiting for a word from God.

There are a few perks to this gig...

I write fun and sassy books about real Christians and their daily struggles and my name is on the cover of those books.

I get paid for that honor.

My book is on the shelf in the grocery store!

I'm honored to have the privilege to share my faith in a way that is truly me. 

And once or twice a year I get to meet my tribe at a conference. And there is nothing like it. That amazing feeling of being surrounded by like-minded individuals who really, really get me.

Each year the tribe grows a bit more as I reconnect with old friends and add new ones. It's truly an amazing honor and a kick in the pants as well. I'm not ashamed to admit I need my people and yes, they do validate me in a real and very necessary way. After five days with my peeps am ready to go back to the cave and back to my solitary life for another year or so. 
The End. 

As Seekerville begins its eleventh blogging year, 
several Seekers are moving into new seasons.

Dear Seekerville,

Happy Holidays!  2018 will be a year of exciting changes for me. After an entire year of prayer, I have decided that this is the time to retire from Seekerville. Today is my last day in the role of a Seeker author.

 I have spent ten wonderful years in the ministry called Seekerville, and I have been blessed over and over again by the many amazing people who continue to touch my life.

You can still keep up with me by signing up for my newsletter here or checking my updated webpage here to see where I will be in 2018. You can also email me at

My One Word for the upcoming year is BEST. The best is yet to come! I'm beyond excited to see what the Lord has in store for the next ten years. I'm also delighted that I can visit Seekerville in my new role as Villager.

I pray that 2018 is a year of harvest for you. 

Much love,

Tina Radcliffe

My dear Seekervillagers, what an adventure we’ve shared over the past 10 years! However, the time has come for me to step back from my Seekerville responsibilities so that I can devote more focused attention not only to the writing I love but to the everyday things that make life worth living—faith, family, home, and friendships. Being a part of Seekerville has been such a blessing, especially getting to know so many dedicated writers and readers as friends. I promise to visit often, and I’ll be watching right along with you to see what changes are in store for Seekerville in the New Year.

 I hope you’ll stay in touch with me on FacebookTwitter, and my website. I also share book news, giveaways, and other fun stuff in my newsletter, so please subscribe!

By the way, Grammar Queen has a new home, too! She now has her own page on my website and will be conducting future lectures via my blog. You can also follow GQ on Twitter. She's always happy to take questions, and you may find yours answered in an upcoming class!


Myra Johnson

Somebody pass the Kleenex—please—because this announcement is not easy for a CDQ! 

Like Tina, I also have felt God’s leading to retire from Seekerville, so on December 31st, I will be retiring as well to focus more on God, family, and writing. But actually, I prefer the term “Seekerville alumni” rather than retiree because I hope to return with guest blogs here and there. 

This is not an easy transition for any of us because the Seekers and all our Seekerville friends are family, so I’m trying to think of it more as a move to a different state where I don’t see my family quite as often as I used to. :) But we can still stay in touch through Julie's Facebook page or my website, so please don’t hesitate to come by to say “hey,” okay? 

Oh, and you’ll still see me in the comments section with plenty of caps and exclamation points to let you know I’m still around! 


Julie Lessman

Harlequin’s decision to close the Love Inspired Historical line has had me examining the pros and cons of continuing to pursue publication. I’m still awaiting God’s direction. Wherever He leads, I’m so grateful for the privilege of having had published books on the shelves and the blessings publication has brought into my life. I especially want to thank those who’ve read and reviewed my books and encouraged me during this fabulous journey.

With the uncertainty about the direction of my writing, I’ve made the very difficult decision to retire from Seekerville. I never dreamed when we stepped into cyberspace ten years ago that Seekerville would become this amazing, close-knit community of writers and readers. As we’ve prayed for each other, celebrated and commiserated with one another during life’s ups and downs, we’ve evolved into what feels like family. 
This isn’t goodbye. I’ll be a frequent visitor to Seekerville to keep up with all of you and to support my Seeker sisters moving forward. 
Thank you for sharing your lives with me!
 May the Good Lord bless you mightily, as you have blessed me!  
 Janet Dean

Dear Villagers, as I am retiring from writing, (see my post here) I will also be signing off on the Seekerville blog.

I plan to visit and enjoy the new directions my treasured Seeker friends will travel. Happy writing and reading, everyone. 

Happy New Year. 

Sandra Leesmith