Monday, January 1, 2018

Seekerville: The Current Blog AND The Archives!

Hello, friends!

Welcome to "Seekerville, The First Ten Years", the archives of our crazy popular writing blog. Within these posts you'll find a decade of information sharing, testimonies about craft, the industry, agents, editors, experiences and all the things that go into developing the career path of a published author... BUT... since this biz is changing almost daily and absolutely weekly now, we've renovated the blog with new bloggers, up-to-date information, new thoughts but the very same goals:

To reach out to readers and writers/aspiring authors and let them know we're in their corner. We've got their backs. We're cheering for them.... and you!

GO HERE FOR THE CURRENT SEEKERVILLE but if you need the wealth of information in the archives, well, help yourself.

That's exactly what it's here for!

The Seekers